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एकान्ततः adverb ekAntataH invariably
अपरिवर्गम् indecl. aparivargam invariably
नियमेन adverb niyamena invariably
एकान्तेन ind. ekAntena invariably
एकान्ततस् ind. ekAntatas invariably
एकान्तम् ind. ekAntam invariably
एकान्तात् ind. ekAntAt invariably
व्यापक adj. vyApaka invariably pervading [logic]
व्यापिन् adj. vyApin invariably inherent or concomitant
साधनाव्यापक adj. sAdhanAvyApaka not invariably inherent in the proof
व्याप्त adj. vyApta having invariably inherent properties
व्यापक adj. vyApaka invariably pervading or inherent or concomitant
व्यापिन् m. vyApin invariably pervading property as characteristic
व्याप्त adj. vyApta invariably pervaded or attended or accompanied by
साध्यव्यापक adj. sAdhyavyApaka invariably inherent in that which is to be proved
अनैकान्त adj. anaikAnta as a cause not invariably attended by the same effects
व्याप्तिज्ञान n. vyAptijJAna knowledge of pervading inherence or of the presence of invariably concomitant properties
व्याप्य n. vyApya that which may be the site or locality of universal pervasion or of an invariably concomitant cause or characteristic
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