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उपनायन n. upanAyana ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread
उपनयन n. upanayana ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread
आनाय m. AnAya investiture
पुनःसंस्कार m. punaHsaMskAra renewed investiture
व्रतादेश m. vratAdeza investiture with the sacred cord
औपवीतिक n. aupavItika investiture with the sacred thread
ब्रह्मजन्मन् n. brahmajanman investiture with the sacred thread
पवित्रारोपण n. pavitrAropaNa investiture with the Brahmanical cord
मुञ्जबन्धन n. muJjabandhana investiture with the Brahmanical girdle
पित्र्युपवीत n. pitryupavIta investiture with the thread sacred to the pitRs
सावित्रीमहानाम्य sAvitrImahAnAmya ceremony of investiture with recital of the sAvitrI
शाणी f. zANI single breadth of cloth given to a student at his investiture
अग्निसूत्र n. agnisUtra girdle of sacrificial grass put upon a young Brahman at his investiture
पतितसावित्रीक m. patitasAvitrIka man of the first 3 classes whose investiture has been unduly performed or omitted
यज्ञोपवीत n. yajJopavIta investiture of youths of the three twice-born castes with the sacred thread or the thread itself
वाग्दुष्ट m. vAgduSTa out-caste or a Brahman who has passed the proper time of life without investiture with the sacred thread
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