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इतिपर adj. itipara followed by iti
उपस्थापयति verb caus. upasthApayati { upasthA } add iti after a word
सहेति adj. saheti with the particle iti
स्थित adj. sthita not accompanied by iti
परिग्रह m. parigraha form which precedes iti
सहेतिकार adj. sahetikAra followed by the particle iti
सहेतिकरण adj. sahetikaraNa followed by the particle iti
चेद् ind. ced iti cen - if it be argued that.
वेष्टक m. veSTaka putting a word before and after iti
स्थितोपस्थित adj. sthitopasthita which stands with and without the particle iti
इतिकरण n. itikaraNa introducing word iti under specific situations
परिग्रह m. parigraha double mention of a word both before and after iti
उत indecl. uta often used for the sake of emphasis at the end of a line after iti or a verb
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