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जठर m. n. jaThara stomach
जातरस adj. jAtarasa having taste or flavour
जठरव्यथा f. jaTharavyathA stomachache
जठरव्यथा f. jaTharavyathA belly aches
जठरव्यथा f. jaTharavyathA abdominal pain
जठर adj. jaThara hard
जाठर adj. jAThara hunger
जठर adj. jaThara old
जाठर adj. jAThara stomach fire
जठर adj. jaThara very hard and very old
जाठर adj. jAThara being on or in or relating to the stomach or belly or womb
जठर adj. jaThara firm
जाठर adj. jAThara with god of fire
जाठर adj. jAThara digestive faculty
जाठर m. jAThara womb-offspring
जाठर m. jAThara child
जठर n. jaThara cavity
जठर n. jaThara belly
जठर n. jaThara interior of anything
जठर n. jaThara womb
जठर n. jaThara certain morbid affections of the bowels
जठर n. jaThara bowels
जठर n. jaThara abdomen
जातराग adj. jAtarAga enamoured
जातरजस् f. jAtarajas female who has the catamenia
जठराग्नि m. jaTharAgni digestive stomach-fire
जठराग्नि m. jaTharAgni gastric juice
जठरनुद् m. jaTharanud golden shower tree [Cathartocarpus Fistula - Bot.]
जठरनुद् m. jaTharanud removing the jaThara disease
जठरत्व n. jaTharatva hardness
जठरत्व n. jaTharatva tenderness
जठरगद m. jaTharagada morbid affection of the abdomen or bowels
जठरामय m. jaTharAmaya dropsy
जठरामय m. jaTharAmaya stomach-disease
जठरस्थ adj. jaTharastha being in the belly or in the womb
जठरज्वाला f. jaTharajvAlA belly-ache
जठरज्वाला f. jaTharajvAlA colic
जठरज्वलन n. jaTharajvalana hunger
जठरज्वलन n. jaTharajvalana stomach-heat
जठरयन्त्रना f. jaTharayantranA pain endured in the womb
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