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जघन्य adj. jaghanya low end [computer]
जघन्य adj. jaghanya least
जघन्य adj. jaghanya least important
जघन्य adj. jaghanya hindmost
जघन्य adj. jaghanya lowest
जघन्य adj. jaghanya vilest
जघन्य adj. jaghanya last
जघन्य adj. jaghanya man of the lowest class
जघन्य adj. jaghanya worst
जघन्य adj. jaghanya latest
जघन्य adj. jaghanya of low origin or rank
जघन्य n. jaghanya penis
जघन्य n. jaghanya to leave behind
जघन्यम् ind. jaghanyam behind
जघन्यम् ind. jaghanyam last
जघन्यम् ind. jaghanyam after
जघन्यज adj. jaghanyaja youngest
जघन्यज adj. jaghanyaja last born
जघन्यज m. jaghanyaja zUdra
जघन्यज m. jaghanyaja low-born
जघन्यज m. jaghanyaja younger brother
जघन्यतस् ind. jaghanyatas after
जघन्यतस् ind. jaghanyatas behind
जघन्यतस् ind. jaghanyatas from behind
जघन्यतस् ind. jaghanyatas last
जघन्यायुस् adj. jaghanyAyus shortest
जघन्यगुण m. jaghanyaguNa lowest of the 3 guNas
जघन्यतर adj. jaghanyatara inferior
जघन्यतर adj. jaghanyatara lower
जघन्यभाव m. jaghanyabhAva inferiority
जघन्यकारिन् adj. jaghanyakArin attending extremely unskillfully
जघन्यरात्रे ind. jaghanyarAtre at the end of the night [loc.]
जघन्यशायिन् adj. jaghanyazAyin going to bed last
जघन्यप्रभव adj. jaghanyaprabhava of lowest origin
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