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जुहू f. juhU personified as wife of brahmA and goddess of speech
जुहू f. juhU that part of the frame enshrining the universal spirit which faces the east
जुहू f. juhU tongue
जुहू f. juhU curved wooden ladle
जुहू f. juhU flame
जुहूषु adj. juhUSu intending to sacrifice
जुहूत्व n. juhUtva condition of a sacrificial ladle
जुहूवत् m. juhUvat god of fire
जुहूवत् m. juhUvat tongued
जुहूराण m. juhUrANa sacrificing priest
जुहूराण m. juhUrANa fire
जुहुराण m. juhurANa moon
जुहूषते verb Desid. juhUSate { hve } wish to call or challenge
जुहूषति verb Desid. juhUSati { hu } wish to sacrifice
जुहूषति verb Desid. juhUSati { hve } wish to call or challenge
जुहुवान m. juhuvAna tree
जुहुवान m. juhuvAna hard-hearted man
जुहुवान m. juhuvAna invoked
जुहुवाण m. juhuvANa invoker
जुहुवान m. juhuvAna cryer
जुहुवाण m. juhuvANa sacrificing priest
जुहुवान m. juhuvAna fire
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