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योग m. yoga junction
सन्धिस्थान n. sandhisthAna junction
चतुष्पथ n. catuSpatha junction
मेलन n. melana junction
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA junction
युक्ति f. yukti junction
युति f. yuti junction
संहति f. saMhati junction
सञ्चृत् f. saJcRt junction
समस्या f. samasyA junction
सम्भेद m. sambheda junction
सन्दंश m. sandaMza junction
श्लेष m. zleSa junction
सन्धि m. sandhi junction
सन्धि m. sandhi junction
संश्लेष m. saMzleSa junction
अभिसन्धि m. abhisandhi junction
समागम m. samAgama junction
सयोग m. sayoga junction
समुदय m. samudaya junction
युग्म n. yugma junction
संहनन n. saMhanana junction
सन्धान n. sandhAna junction
बन्धन n. bandhana junction
आयोजन n. Ayojana junction
युक्त n. yukta junction
सन्ध n. sandha junction
सम्पृक्तत्व n. sampRktatva junction
योजन n.f. yojana junction
असंरोह m. asaMroha non-junction
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga day-junction
योग m. yoga any junction
असंरोह m. asaMroha non-junction
वासरसङ्ग m. vAsarasaGga day-junction
सहितत्व n. sahitatva junction with
स्वरसंयोग m. svarasaMyoga junction of vowels
पाणिबन्ध m. pANibandha junction of the hand
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha junction of fractions
संवेद्य m. saMvedya junction of two rivers
सङ्घट्ट m. saGghaTTa junction or union with
रेफसन्धि m. rephasandhi euphonic junction of r
व्यञ्जनसन्धि m. vyaJjanasandhi junction of consonants
सङ्घटन n. saGghaTana union or junction with
ऋतुसन्धि m. Rtusandhi junction of two seasons
अपर्वन् n. aparvan not a point of junction
सयुज्यता f. sayujyatA intimate union or junction
ऋतुसन्धि m. Rtusandhi junction of two fortnights
सन्ध्य adj. sandhya being on the point of junction
व्यतिषङ्ग m. vyatiSaGga reciprocal junction or relation
स्वरसन्धि m. svarasandhi junction or coalition of vowels
सम्भेद m. sambheda junction of a river with the sea
पीलुपाक m. pIlupAka junction of atoms caused by heat
कपाटसन्धि m. kapATasandhi junction of the leaves of a door
नाभि f. nAbhi point of junction or of departure
स्पर्शरेफसन्धि m. sparzarephasandhi junction of a sparza letter and r
सन्धिरोध m. sandhirodha obstruction of a point of junction
आरक्ष m. ArakSa part of the forehead below this junction
स्पर्शोष्मसन्धि m. sparzoSmasandhi junction of a sparza letter and sibilant
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
पादसंहिता f. pAdasaMhitA junction of words in a quarter of a stanza
उपसन्तान m. upasantAna close accompaniment or connection or junction
आरक्ष m. ArakSa junction of the frontal sinuses of an elephant
सुतहिबुकयोग m. sutahibukayoga junction of the 4th and 5th astrological houses
स्नायुमर्मन् n. snAyumarman joint or place of junction of a sinew or tendon
पर्वसन्धि m. parvasandhi junction of the 15th and 1st of a lunar fortnight
पूयालस m. pUyAlasa particular disease of the place of junction of the eye
शृङ्गाट m.n. zRGgATa name of particular junctions of veins or blood-vessels
सन्धि m. sandhi euphonic junction of final and initial letters in grammar
संहिता f. saMhitA junction or combination of letters according to euphonic rules
मुकुल m. mukula bud-like junction or bringing together of the fingers of the hand
भसन्धि m. bhasandhi point of junction of the asterism name of the last quarters of the asterism AzleSa and revatI
पञ्चनद n. paJcanada name of a river produced by the junction of the 5 rivers of the Panjab and which falls into the sindhu
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