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सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture
समय m. samaya juncture
अप्यय m. apyaya juncture
सन्धि m. sandhi juncture
अन्तर n. antara juncture
प्रतिसन्धान n. pratisandhAna juncture
वयःसन्धि m. vayaHsandhi life-juncture
वयःसन्धि m. vayaHsandhi life-juncture
दैवयोग m. daivayoga juncture of fate
सन्धि m. sandhi critical juncture
दिष्टि f. diSTi auspicious juncture
सुयोग m. suyoga favourable juncture
गर्भसन्धि m. garbhasandhi particular juncture
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture of day and night
विमर्श m. vimarza critical juncture or crisis
भाग्ययोग m. bhAgyayoga lucky or fortunate juncture
हृदयसन्धि m. hRdayasandhi place of juncture of the heart
अनुसन्धि m. anusandhi juncture of a patAkA or episode
सन्धि m. sandhi juncture or division of a drama
सन्ध्या f. sandhyA juncture of the three divisions of the day
सर्ववार्षिकपर्वन् n. sarvavArSikaparvan all the junctures or special periods of a year
सन्धिज adj. sandhija belonging to the junctures of the parts of the eye
पर्वणी f. parvaNI particular disease of the so-called juncture or sandhi of the eye
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