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ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha senior
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha elder
ज्येष्ठ adj. super jyeSTha eldest
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA elder sister
ज्येष्ठ m. jyeSTha elder brother
ज्यैष्ठ m. jyaiSTha May - June
भवान् एव ज्येष्ठः वा? sent. bhavAn eva jyeSThaH vA? Are you the eldest?
भवान् मम अपेक्षया ज्येष्ठः वा? sent. bhavAn mama apekSayA jyeSThaH vA? Are you elder to me?
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha pre-eminent
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha best
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha first
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha principal
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha more excellent than
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha the chief
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha greatest
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha most excellent
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha chief. best
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha oldest
ज्येष्ठ adj. jyeSTha the eldest brother
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA eldest wife
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA middle finger
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA 16th lunar mansion
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA preferred wife
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA misfortune
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA 8th year in the Jupiter cycle of 12 years
ज्येष्ठ f. jyeSTha small house-lizard
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA gaGgA
ज्येष्ठा f. jyeSThA kind of stringed instrument
ज्येष्ठ m. jyeSTha ascending bucket
ज्येष्ठ n. jyeSTha tin
ज्येष्ठ n. jyeSTha what is most excellent
ज्येष्ठम् ind. jyeSTham extremely
ज्येष्ठम् ind. jyeSTham most
ज्येष्ठता f. jyeSThatA primogeniture
ज्येष्ठता f. jyeSThatA seniority
ज्येष्ठता f. jyeSThatA precedence
ज्येष्ठाम्बु n. jyeSThAmbu scum of boiled rice or water in which grain has been washed
ज्येष्ठांश m. jyeSThAMza best share
ज्येष्ठांश m. jyeSThAMza eldest brother's share
ज्येष्ठराज् m. jyeSTharAj sovereign
ज्येष्ठतस् ind. jyeSThatas according to seniority
ज्येष्ठतस् ind. jyeSThatas from the eldest
ज्येष्ठबला f. jyeSThabalA Indian hemp [Sida Rhomboidea - Bot.]
ज्येष्ठघ्नी f. jyeSThaghnI 16th lunar mansion
ज्येष्ठामूल m. jyeSThAmUla month jyaiSTha
ज्येष्ठतम adj. jyeSThatama best or first of all
ज्येष्ठतम adj. jyeSThatama oldest of all
ज्येष्ठतर adj. jyeSThatara an elder one
ज्येष्ठतरा f. jyeSThatarA woman guarding a young girl
ज्येष्ठतात m. jyeSThatAta father's elder brother
ज्येष्ठताति f. jyeSThatAti superiority
ज्येष्ठवर m. jyeSThavara chief wooer
ज्येष्ठगृह्य m. jyeSThagRhya eldest member of a family
ज्येष्ठसामन् adj. jyeSThasAman chanter of that sAman
ज्येष्ठसामन् n. jyeSThasAman most excellent sAman
ज्येष्ठवर्ण m. jyeSThavarNa first caste man
ज्येष्ठवर्ण m. jyeSThavarNa Brahman
ज्येष्ठवयस् adj. jyeSThavayas older than
ज्येष्ठाव्रत n. jyeSThAvrata kind of observance in honour of jyeSThA
ज्येष्ठवृत्ति adj. jyeSThavRtti behaving like an eldest brother
ज्येष्ठवृत्ति f. jyeSThavRtti duties of seniority
ज्येष्ठयज्ञ m. jyeSThayajJa most excellent sacrifice
ज्येष्ठाश्रम adj. jyeSThAzrama being in the most excellent order of life
ज्येष्ठबन्धु m. jyeSThabandhu chief of a family
ज्येष्ठभार्या f. jyeSThabhAryA senior or chief wife
ज्येष्ठलक्ष्म n. jyeSThalakSma principal mark or sign
ज्येष्ठलक्ष्मी f. jyeSThalakSmI chief mark
ज्येष्ठलक्ष्मी f. jyeSThalakSmI congenital mark
ज्येष्ठललिता f. jyeSThalalitA particular vow to be observed in month jyaiSTha
ज्येष्ठामलक m. jyeSThAmalaka neem tree [Azadirachta Indica - Bot.]
ज्येष्ठसामक m. jyeSThasAmaka one who knows the jyeSThasAman
ज्येष्ठश्वश्रू f. jyeSThazvazrU wife's elder sister
ज्येष्ठभविका f. jyeSThabhavikA elder brother's wife
ज्येष्ठब्राह्मण adj. jyeSThabrAhmaNa having the oldest brAhmaNa
ज्येष्ठब्राह्मण n. jyeSThabrAhmaNa chief brAhmaNa
ज्येष्ठजघन्य adj. jyeSThajaghanya the elders last
ज्येष्ठप्रथम adj. jyeSThaprathama the elders first
ज्येष्ठानुज्येष्ठता f. jyeSThAnujyeSThatA regular succession according to seniority
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