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कीकस-काय m. kIkasa-kAya centrum [Anat. Body of a vertebra]
कीकस adj. kIkasa hard
कीकस adj. kIkasa firm
कीकसा f. kIkasA vertebra or a rib
कीकस m. kIkasa breast-bone and the cartilages of the ribs connected with it
कीकस m. kIkasa spinal column
कीकस m. kIkasa kind of worm
कीकस n. kIkasa bone
कीकसास्थि n. kIkasAsthi vertebra
कीकसमुख m. kIkasamukha having a mouth of bone
कीकसमुख m. kIkasamukha bird
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