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कृतक m. kRtaka adopted son
कृतकधी f. kRtakadhI artificial intelligence (AI) [computer]
कृतककील n. kRtakakIla surrogate key [computer]
कृतकप्रज्ञा f. kRtakaprajJA artificial intelligence (AI) [computer]
कृतक adj. kRtaka done artificially
कृतक adj. kRtaka not produced spontaneously
कृतक adj. kRtaka plastic
कृतक adj. kRtaka factitious
कृतक adj. kRtaka prepared
कृतक adj. kRtaka adopted
कृतक adj. kRtaka simulated
कृतक adj. kRtaka artificial
कृतक adj. kRtaka made
कृतक adj. kRtaka assumed
कृतक adj. kRtaka not natural
कृतक n. kRtaka kind of salt
कृतक n. kRtaka sulphate of copper
कृतकम् ind. kRtakam in a simulated manner
कृतकाल adj. kRtakAla who has waited a certain time
कृतकाल adj. kRtakAla deposited for a certain time
कृतकाल adj. kRtakAla fixed or settled as to time
कृतकाल adj. kRtakAla one who has accomplished a certain time
कृतकाल adj. kRtakAla sent
कृतकाल m. kRtakAla appointed time
कृतकाम adj. kRtakAma one whose desire is attained
कृतकाम adj. kRtakAma satisfied
कृतकल्प adj. kRtakalpa one who knows the customary rites
कृतकारिन् adj. kRtakArin doing again what has been done already
कृतकारिन् adj. kRtakArin doing any work
कृतकार्य adj. kRtakArya one who has no need of another person's aid
कृतकार्य adj. kRtakArya one who has obtained his object
कृतकार्य n. kRtakArya attained object
कृतकपट adj. kRtakapaTa beguiling
कृतकपट adj. kRtakapaTa deceiving
कृतकर्मन् adj. kRtakarman able
कृतकर्मन् adj. kRtakarman clever
कृतकर्मन् adj. kRtakarman one who has done his work or duty
कृतकर्मन् n. kRtakarman act that has been accomplished
कृतकौतुक adj. kRtakautuka one who engages in sport
कृतकौतुक adj. kRtakautuka playful
कृतकर्तव्य adj. kRtakartavya one who has performed what was to be done
कृतकर्तव्य adj. kRtakartavya one who has done or discharged his duty
कृतकार्यत्व n. kRtakAryatva state of having obtained one's object
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