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कृति f. kRti creation
कृति f. kRti manufacturing
कृति f. kRti making
कृतिन् adj. kRtin good
कृतिन् adj. kRtin virtuous
कृतिका adj. f. kRtikA adopted as daughter
कृतिका f. kRtikA the name of a constellation
कृतिम adj. kRtima accessory
सुतलाभेन कृती बभूव sent. sutalAbhena kRtI babhUva She was blessed with a son
कृति adj. kRti deceitful
कृति adj. kRti dishonest
कृति f. kRti magic
कृति f. kRti activity
कृति f. kRti witch
कृति f. kRti hurt
कृति f. kRti another metre
कृति f. kRti hurting
कृति f. kRti number twenty
कृति f. kRti deed
कृति f. kRti composing
कृति f. kRti work
कृति f. kRti injuring
कृति f. kRti composition [musical, literary]
कृति f. kRti action
कृति f. kRti sort of knife or dagger
कृति f. kRti confirmation of any obtainment
कृति f. kRti literary work
कृति f. kRti kind of anuSTubh metre
कृति f. kRti collective name of the metres kRti
कृति f. kRti act of doing
कृति f. kRti square number
कृति f. kRti house of relics
कृति m.f. kRti kind of weapon
कृतिन् adj. kRtin doing what is enjoined
कृतिन् adj. kRtin one who acts
कृतिन् adj. kRtin skilful
कृतिन् adj. kRtin expert
कृतिन् adj. kRtin one who has attained an object or accomplished a purpose
कृतिन् adj. kRtin knowing
कृतिन् adj. kRtin pious
कृतिन् adj. kRtin active
कृतिन् adj. kRtin learned
कृतिन् adj. kRtin pure
कृतिन् adj. kRtin clever
कृतिन् adj. kRtin obeying
कृतिन् adj. kRtin satisfied
कृतित्व n. kRtitva state of one who has attained any object
कृतिकर m. kRtikara practising magic or enchantment
शुभा कृति f. zubhA kRti good deed
कृतिसाध्यत्व n. kRtisAdhyatva state of being accomplished by exertion
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