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कृत्य adj. kRtya bribable
कृत्य adj. kRtya appropriate
कृत्य adj. kRtya adequate
कृत्य adj. kRtya corrupt
कृत्य n. kRtya deed
कृत्य n. kRtya task
कृत्य n. kRtya act
कृत्य adj. kRtya right
कृत्य adj. kRtya who may be bribed or hired
कृत्य adj. kRtya practicable
कृत्य adj. kRtya to be done or performed
कृत्य adj. kRtya proper to be done
कृत्य adj. kRtya to be treated or attended with
कृत्य adj. kRtya one who may be seduced from allegiance or alliance
कृत्य adj. kRtya feasible
कृत्य adj. kRtya practical
कृत्या f. kRtyA female deity to whom sacrifices are offered for destructive and magical purposes
कृत्या f. kRtyA act
कृत्या f. kRtyA deed
कृत्या f. kRtyA performance
कृत्या f. kRtyA ill usage or treatment
कृत्या f. kRtyA enchantment
कृत्या f. kRtyA action
कृत्या f. kRtyA kind of female evil spirit or sorceress
कृत्या f. kRtyA achievement
कृत्या f. kRtyA magic
कृत्य m. kRtya kind of evil spirit
कृत्य n. kRtya what is proper or fit
कृत्य n. kRtya performance
कृत्य n. kRtya motive
कृत्य n. kRtya magic
कृत्य n. kRtya duty
कृत्य n. kRtya action
कृत्य n. kRtya service
कृत्य n. kRtya object
कृत्य n. kRtya enchantment
कृत्य n. kRtya function
कृत्य n. kRtya office
कृत्य n. kRtya end
कृत्य n. kRtya what ought to be done
कृत्य n. kRtya business
कृत्य n. kRtya purpose
कृत्य n. kRtya cause
कृत्यम् ind. kRtyam anybody is concerned about
कृत्यका f. kRtyakA enchantress
कृत्यका f. kRtyakA witch
कृत्यका f. kRtyakA woman who is the cause of injury or destruction
कृत्यता f. kRtyatA seduction from allegiance or alliance
कृत्यता f. kRtyatA feasibility
कृत्यज्ञ adj. kRtyajJa learned
कृत्यज्ञ adj. kRtyajJa one who knows what is to be done
कृत्याकृत् adj. kRtyAkRt practising magic or sorcery
कृत्याकृत् adj. kRtyAkRt bewitching
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat having the power to do something
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat longing for
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat engaged in any occupation
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat wanting
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat having any business
कृत्यवत् adj. kRtyavat having any request
कृत्यविद् adj. kRtyavid knowing duty
कृत्याहत adj. kRtyAhata stricken by a spell
कृत्यारूप adj. kRtyArUpa looking like a phantom
कृत्यसार m. kRtyasAra essence of what is to be done
कृत्यतम n. kRtyatama anything most proper or fit
कृत्यशेष adj. kRtyazeSa one who has left some work to be done
कृत्यशेष adj. kRtyazeSa who has not finished his task
कृत्यचिन्ता f. kRtyacintA thinking of any possibility
कृत्याकृत्य n. kRtyAkRtya right and wrong
कृत्याकृत्य n. kRtyAkRtya what is to be done and what is not to be done
कृत्यविधि m. kRtyavidhi rule
कृत्यविधि m. kRtyavidhi way to do anything
कृत्यविधि m. kRtyavidhi precept
कृत्यादूषण adj. kRtyAdUSaNa counteracting magic
कृत्यादूषण adj. kRtyAdUSaNa destroying its effect
कृत्यतत्त्व n. kRtyatattva true nature of duty or obligation
कृत्यवर्त्मन् n. kRtyavartman right way or manner in which any object is to be effected
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