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क्षीणभक्ति adj. kSINabhakti secessional
क्षीणशरीर adj. kSINazarIra emaciated
क्षीणगुणत्व n. kSINaguNatva degeneration
क्षीण adj. kSINa weakened
क्षीण adj. kSINa delicate
क्षीण adj. kSINa destroyed
क्षीण adj. kSINa miserable
क्षीण adj. kSINa worn away
क्षीण adj. kSINa emaciated
क्षीण adj. kSINa lost
क्षीण adj. kSINa poor
क्षीण adj. kSINa expended
क्षीण adj. kSINa wasted
क्षीण adj. kSINa slender
क्षीण adj. kSINa feeble on
क्षीण adj. kSINa diminished
क्षीण adj. kSINa torn
क्षीण adj. kSINa broken
क्षीण adj. kSINa injured
क्षीण adj. kSINa waning
क्षीण ppp. kSINa weak
क्षीण ppp. kSINa thin
क्षीण ppp. kSINa powerless
क्षीणता f. kSINatA emaciation
क्षीणता f. kSINatA state of being worn away or injured
क्षीणता f. kSINatA state of wasting away
क्षीणता f. kSINatA decay
क्षीणता f. kSINatA diminution
क्षीणाधि adj. kSINAdhi delivered from distress
क्षीणाङ्ग adj. kSINAGga one who has emaciated limbs
क्षीणत्व n. kSINatva wane
क्षीणवत् adj. kSINavat decayed
क्षीणवत् adj. kSINavat wasted
क्षीणायुस् adj. kSINAyus one whose life goes to an end
क्षीणगति adj. kSINagati with slackened or diminished motion or progress
क्षीणकोश adj. kSINakoza one whose wealth is exhausted
क्षीणपाप adj. kSINapApa one whose sins are destroyed
क्षीणपाप adj. kSINapApa purified after having suffered the consequences of sin
क्षीणपाप adj. kSINapApa purified (after having suffered the consequences of sin)
क्षीणार्थ adj. kSINArtha deprived of property
क्षीणार्थ adj. kSINArtha impoverished
क्षीणसार adj. kSINasAra the sap of which is gone
क्षीणसार adj. kSINasAra withered
क्षीणधन adj. kSINadhana having diminished wealth
क्षीणधन adj. kSINadhana reduced to poverty
क्षीणधन adj. kSINadhana impoverished
क्षीणपुण्य adj. kSINapuNya one whose merit is lost
क्षीणपुण्य adj. kSINapuNya who has enjoyed fruits of merit and is doomed to labour for more in another birth
क्षीणवासिन् adj. kSINavAsin inhabiting a dilapidated house
क्षीणवासिन् m. kSINavAsin dove or pigeon
क्षीणवृत्ति adj. kSINavRtti having no means of subsistence or maintenance
क्षीणवृत्ति adj. kSINavRtti out of employ
क्षीणशक्ति adj. kSINazakti impotent
क्षीणशक्ति adj. kSINazakti one whose strength is wasted
क्षीणशक्ति adj. kSINazakti weak
क्षीणाश्रव adj. kSINAzrava with sin gone
क्षीनचन्द्र m. kSInacandra moon on the wane
क्षीणजीवित adj. kSINajIvita one who has no means of subsistence
क्षीणकर्मन् m. kSINakarman jina
क्षीणकर्मन् m. kSINakarman one whose desire of being active is completely annihilated
क्षीणमध्य adj. kSINamadhya slender-waisted
क्षीणसुकृत adj. kSINasukRta one whose stock of merit is exhausted
क्षीणशरीर adj. kSINazarIra one who has a thin or emaciated body
क्षिणकल्मष adj. kSiNakalmaSa freed from sin
क्षीणविक्रान्त adj. kSINavikrAnta one who has lost courage
क्षीणविक्रान्त adj. kSINavikrAnta destitute of prowess
क्षीणाज्यकर्मन् adj. kSINAjyakarman one who has done with sacrificial ceremonies
क्षीणाज्यकर्मन् adj. kSINAjyakarman a Buddhist
क्षीणाष्टकर्मन् m. kSINASTakarman arhat
क्षीणाष्टकर्मन् m. kSINASTakarman one who has suppressed any of the eight groups of actions
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