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कठिनि f. kaThini chitin [Biochem. (forms the harder part of outer integument of insects)]
कठिनी f. kaThinI slate pencil
कठिनिनः m. kaThininaH Crustacea [Zool.]
कठिनिय- kaThiniya- chitino- [chitinous]
कठिनियना f. kaThiniyanA chitinization [process of becoming chitinous]
कठिनियता f. kaThiniyatA chitinization [state of being chitinous]
कठिनियित adj. kaThiniyita chitinized
कठिनीभूत adj. kaThinIbhUta hardened
कठिनीभूत adj. kaThinIbhUta inured to
कठिनी f. kaThinI chalk
खटिनी f. khaTinI chalk
खटिनी f. khaTinI see khaTa
कठिनिका f. kaThinikA chalk
कठिनीभूत adj. kaThinIbhUta indurated
कटीनिवसन n. kaTInivasana cloth worn round the hip
कठिनीभवति verb kaThinIbhavati { kaThinIbhU } to become hard
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