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कलाप m. kalApa collection
कालाप m. kAlApa pupil of kalApin
कलाप m. kalApa zone
कलाप m. kalApa bundle
कालाप m. kAlApa serpent's hood
कलाप m. kalApa moon
कलाप m. kalApa quiver with arrows
कलाप m. kalApa string of bells
कालाप m. kAlApa hair of the head
कालाप m. kAlApa demon
कलाप m. kalApa clever and intelligent man
कलाप m. kalApa quiver
कलाप m. kalApa rope round an elephant's neck
कलाप m. kalApa poem written in one metre
कालाप m. kAlApa imp or goblin
कलाप m. kalApa peacock's tail
कलाप m. kalApa totality
कलाप m. kalApa that which holds single parts together
कलाप m. kalApa kalA
कालाप m. kAlApa student of the kalApa grammar
कलाप m. kalApa ornament in general
कलाप m. kalApa band
कलाप m. kalApa whole body or collection of a number of separate things
कलाप m. kalApa bundle of arrows
कलापक m. kalApaka band
कलापक m. kalApaka sectarian mark on the forehead
कलापक m. kalApaka bundle
कलापक m. kalApaka kind of ornament
कलापक m. kalApaka string of pearls
कलापक m. kalApaka rope round an elephant's neck
कालापक n. kAlApaka veda recension of this school
कलापक n. kalApaka series of four stanzas in grammatical connection
कलापक n. kalApaka debt to be paid when the peacocks spread their tails
कालपाश m. kAlapAza yama's noose or death
कालपक्व adj. kAlapakva destined to die
कालपक्व adj. kAlapakva ripened or matured by time i.e. naturally
कालपक्व adj. kAlapakva ripe for death
कालपर्ण m. kAlaparNa Crape Jasmine [Tabernaemontana Coronaria - Bot.]
कालपर्णी f. kAlaparNI dark kind of morning glory plant [Ipomoea - Bot.]
कलापशस् ind. kalApazas in bundles
कलापशस् ind. kalApazas bundle by bundle
कालापहार m. kAlApahAra waste of time
कालापहार m. kAlApahAra delay
कालपालक n. kAlapAlaka kind of earth
कालपाशिक m. kAlapAzika having yama's noose
कालपाशिक m. kAlapAzika executioner
कालपर्यय m. kAlaparyaya revolution or course of time
कालपात्रिक m. kAlapAtrika kind of mendicant whose alms-dish is painted black
कलापखञ्ज m. kalApakhaJja particular disease
कालपरिपाक m. kAlaparipAka time-ripening
कालपरिपाक m. kAlaparipAka change of times
कालपरिवास m. kAlaparivAsa standing for a time
कालपर्ययात् ind. kAlaparyayAt in the course of time
कलापच्छन्द m. kalApacchanda ornament of pearls consisting of twenty-four strings
कालपाशपरीत adj. kAlapAzaparIta destined to death
कालपरशुधार m. kAlaparazudhAra bearing the axe of Death
कालपरशुधार m. kAlaparazudhAra all executioner
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