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कलना f. kalanA calculation [Astron.]
खलनायक m. khalanAyaka villain
चलन-कलन n. calana-kalana differential calculus [Math.]
चलन - कलन n. calana - kalana differential calculus [math.]
कलन adj. kalana causing
कलन adj. kalana effecting
कलना f. kalanA act of impelling
कलना f. kalanA inciting
कलन m. kalana behaviour
कलन m. kalana state of being provided with or having
कलन m. kalana touching
कलन m. kalana calculation
कलन m. kalana doing
कलन m. kalana contact
कलन m. kalana rattan plant [Calamus Rotang - Bot.]
कलन m. kalana making
कलन m. kalana tying on
कलन m. kalana behaving
कलन m. kalana putting on
कलन n. kalana murmuring
कलन n. kalana fault
कलन n. kalana sounding
कलन n. kalana defect
कलन n. kalana embryo at the first stage after conception
कलन n. kalana act of shaking
कलन n. kalana spot
कलन n. kalana moving to and fro
कलन n. kalana stain
कलनाद m. kalanAda kind of goose
कालनर m. kAlanara figure of a man's body on the various limbs of which the twelve signs of the zodiac are distributed for the purpose of foretelling future destinies
कलानाथ m. kalAnAtha lord of the digits
कलानाथ m. kalAnAtha moon
कालनाथ m. kAlanAtha lord of time
कालानयन n. kAlAnayana calculation of time
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