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कन्दली f. kandalI banana tree
कन्दली f. kandalI plantain
कन्दली f. kandalI species of deer
कन्दली f. kandalI above
कन्दलि m.n. kandali sprout
कन्दलिन् adj. kandalin abounding with
कन्दलिन् adj. kandalin full of
कन्दलिन् adj. kandalin covered with kandalI flowers
कन्दलिन् m. kandalin kind of deer
खण्डाली f. khaNDAlI woman whose husband has been guilty of infidelity
खण्डाली f. khaNDAlI measure for oil
खण्डाली f. khaNDAlI pond
कन्दलित adj. kandalita put forth or emitted in abundance or simultaneously
कन्दलीकुसुम n. kandalIkusuma flower of kandalI
कन्दलीकुसुम n. kandalIkusuma mushroom
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