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कनिष्ठ m. kaniSTha younger brother
कनिष्ठपक्षम् indecl. kaniSThapakSam at least
ओहो, मम अपेक्षया कनिष्ठः वा? sent. oho, mama apekSayA kaniSThaH vA? Younger to me, is it?
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha least
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha smallest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha the youngest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha younger born
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha the smallest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha youngest
कनिष्ठ adj. kaniSTha lowest
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA younger wife
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA one married later
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA inferior wife
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA little finger
कनिष्ठ m. kaniSTha descending bucket of a well
कनिष्ठग m. kaniSThaga jina
कनिष्ठक adj. kaniSThaka the smallest
कनिष्ठक n. kaniSThaka sort of grass
कनिष्ठत्व n. kaniSThatva state of being younger or smaller
कनिष्ठपद n. kaniSThapada least root (that quantity of which the square multiplied by the given multiplicator and having the given addend added or subtrahend subtracted is capable of affording an exact square root)
कनिष्ठाङ्गुलि f. kaniSThAGguli the little finger
कनिष्ठात्रेय m. kaniSThAtreya younger Atreya
कनिष्ठप्रथम adj. kaniSThaprathama having the youngest as the first
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