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कपाली m. kapAlI craniate [Zool.]
कपालिनः m. kapAlinaH Craniata [Zool.]
कापाली f. kApAlI false black pepper [Embelia Ribes - Bot.]
कपाली f. kapAlI beggar's bowl
कपालिन् adj. kapAlin bearing a pot
कपालिन् adj. kapAlin furnished with or bearing skulls
कापालिन् m. kApAlin adorned with skulls
कपालिन् m.f. kapAlin follower of a particular zaiva sect
कापालिक adj. kApAlika relating to or belonging to a skull
कापालिक adj. kApAlika peculiar to a kApAlika
कपालिका f. kapAlikA potsherd
कापालिक m. kApAlika kind of zaiva ascetic who carries a human skull and uses it as a receptacle for his food
कापालिक n. kApAlika kind of leprosy
कपालिन adj. kapAlina relating to kapAlin
कपालिनी f. kapAlinI form of durgA
कपालिनी f. kapAlinI name of a being attending on devI
कापालिकत्व n. kApAlikatva barbarousness
कापालिकत्व n. kApAlikatva cruelty
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