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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
कतम adj. katama hence it may occasionally be used for who or which of two?
कतम adj. katama who or which of many?
कथमपि indecl. kathamapi somehow
कथमपि indecl. na kathamapi by no means
कतमं गृहम् ? n. katamaM gRham ? which house?
कथमस्ति भवान्? sent. kathamasti bhavAn? How are you?
कथमस्ति भवान्? sent. kathamasti bhavAn? How are you? [masc.]
तयोः कतमस्मै ? expr. tayoH katamasmai ? to which of the two?
तव देशः कतमः? sent. tava dezaH katamaH? Which is your country?
अद्य कतमा तिथिः ? sentence adya katamA tithiH ? What is the date today?
कतमा त्वदीया लेखनी? sent. katamA tvadIyA lekhanI? Which pen is yours?
तव भ्राता कथमस्ति? sent. tava bhrAtA kathamasti? How is your brother?
भवतः परीवृत्तिः कथमस्ति? sent. bhavataH parIvRttiH kathamasti? How is your business?
कथमपि मया विजयः प्राप्तव्यम् sent. kathamapi mayA vijayaH prAptavyam Somehow must I obtain the victory.
कतम adj. katama excessively good-looking
कतम adj. katama any whatsoever
कतम adj. katama none at all
कतम adj. katama it is often a mere strengthened substitute for ka
कतम adj. katama in addition to the above uses katama is said to mean best
कतम adj. katama the superlative affix imparting emphasis
कतमा f katamA which
कतमः m. katamaH which
कतमम् n. katamam which
कतमाल m. katamAla fire
कथमपि adverb kathamapi { i } with great difficulty
खतमाल m. khatamAla cloud
खतमाल m. khatamAla smoke
कटमालिनी f. kaTamAlinI any vinous liquor
कठमर्द m. kaThamarda dissipating distress
कथामात्र adj. kathAmAtra dead
कथामात्र adj. kathAmAtra one of whom nothing but the narrative is left i.e. deceased
कथामात्र n. kathAmAtra mere story
कथामात्र n. kathAmAtra nothing but a narrative
कथं कथमपि adverb kathaM kathamapi hardly