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कवच m. kavaca armour
कवच m. kavaca shield
कवच n. kavaca shell
कवच m. kavaca war-drum
कवच m. kavaca Indian tulip tree [Hibiscus Populneoides - Bot.]
कवच m. kavaca kettle-drum
कवच m. kavaca Slender Oldenlandia [ Oldenlandia herbacea - Bot. ] [Oldenlandia Herbacea - Bot.]
कवच m.n. kavaca bark
कवच m.n. kavaca coat of mail
कवच m.n. kavaca rind
कवच m.n. kavaca any covering
कवच m.n. kavaca corset
कवच m.n. kavaca jacket
कवच m.n. kavaca cuirass
कवच n. kavaca mystical syllable forming part of a mantra used as an amulet
कवच n. kavaca piece of bark or birch-leaf or any substance inscribed with mystical words and carried about as an amulet
कवच n. kavaca any amulet
कवच n. kavaca charm
कवचहर adj. kavacahara wearing an amulet
कवचहर adj. kavacahara wearing a coat of mail or jacket
कवचहर m. kavacahara kSatriya youth when arrived at the age suitable for martial training on
कवचपाश m. kavacapAza fastening of a coat of mail
कवचपत्त्र n. kavacapattra birch-leaf
कवचपत्त्र n. kavacapattra species of birch
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