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खेचर adj. khecara moving in the air
खेचर adj. khecara flying
खेचरा f. khecarA particular mUrchanA
खेचर m. khecara particular mudrA or position of the fingers
खेचर m. khecara any aerial being
खेचर m. khecara bird
खेचर m. khecara planet
खेचर m. khecara durgA
खेचर m. khecara demon
खेचर m. khecara nine
खेचर m. khecara quicksilver
खेचर m. khecara earring or a cylinder of wood passed through the lobe of the ear
खेचर m. khecara object or person related to higher education
खेचर m. khecara number
खेचर n. khecara green vitriol
खेचरता f. khecaratA magical power of flying
खेचरान्न n. khecarAnna particular dish made of rice
खेचराञ्जन n. khecarAJjana green vitriol
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