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स्व इवाचरति sent. sva ivAcarati He acts like himself or his kindred
बान्धवक adj. bAndhavaka kindred
सनीड adj. sanIDa kindred
नाहुष adj. nAhuSa kindred
बन्धुवर्ग m. bandhuvarga kindred
बन्धु m. bandhu kindred
स्वजन m. svajana own kindred
अबन्धु adj. abandhu without kindred
सनाभि adj. sanAbhi of kindred blood
वंशहीन adj. vaMzahIna having no kindred
अज्ञास् adj. ajJAs having no kindred
निष्कुल adj. niSkula having no kindred
बन्धुपालित m. bandhupAlita kindred-protected
बन्धुपालित m. bandhupAlita kindred-protected
बन्धुपाल m. bandhupAla kindred-protector
बन्धुपाल m. bandhupAla kindred-protector
बन्धुपालित m. bandhupAlita kindred-protected
बन्धुपाल m. bandhupAla kindred-protector
ज्ञातेय n. jJAteya kindred sentiments
बन्ध्वेष m. bandhveSa inquiring after kindred
स्वज्ञाति f. svajJAti one's own kindred or kin
सबान्धव adj. sabAndhava having kindred or relations
स्वीय m. svIya one's own people or kindred
बन्धुपति m. bandhupati lord of kindred or relations
अबान्धव adj. abAndhava having no relation or kindred
दूरबन्धु adj. dUrabandhu banished from wife and kindred
स्ववर्गीय adj. svavargIya belonging to one's own kindred
सिद्धसम्बन्ध adj. siddhasambandha one whose kindred are well known
अबान्धवकृत adj. abAndhavakRta not caused by relation or kindred
अर्कबन्धु m. arkabandhu belonging to the kindred of the Sun
स्वायते verb svAyate { svAya } he acts like himself or his own kindred
पत्त्रतरु m. pattrataru species of tree kindred to black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
सजातवनस्या f. sajAtavanasyA desire of dominion over kindred or countrymen
पीपरि m. pIpari tree kindred to white-fruited wavy leaf fig tree [Ficus Infectoria - Bot.]
अवपात्रित adj. avapAtrita a person not allowed by his kindred to eat or drink from the same vessel
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