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खौतिकविज्ञान n. khautikavijJAna astrophysics
कोटिका f. koTikA lowest end of anything
कोटिका f. koTikA vilest of
कोटिका f. koTikA sicklefruit fenugreek [Trigonella Corniculata - Bot.]
कोटिक m. koTika kind of frog
कोटिक m. koTika insect
कौटिक adj. kauTika one whose business is to catch animals in traps
कौटिक adj. kauTika dishonest
कौटिक adj. kauTika relating to a snare or trap
कौटिक adj. kauTika fraudulent
कौटिक m. kauTika poacher
कौटिक m. kauTika one who kills animals and sells their flesh for his own subsistence
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