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कोपिन् adj. kopin irritating
कोपिन् adj. kopin angry
कोपिन् adj. kopin stirring up
कोपिन् adj. kopin passionate
कोपिन् m. kopin water-pigeon
कोपिन् m. kopin angry man
कौपीन n. kaupIna sin
कौपीन n. kaupIna genitals [anat.]
कौपीन n. kaupIna small piece of cloth worn over the privities by poor persons
कौपीन n. kaupIna wrong or improper act
कौपीन n. kaupIna vagina
कौपीन n. kaupIna loincloth
कौपीन n. kaupIna privities
कौपीनवत् adj. kaupInavat one who has only a piece of cloth over the privities
कौपीनाच्छादन n. kaupInAcchAdana cloth for covering the vagina
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