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क्रौञ्च adj. krauJca curlew-like
क्रौञ्चा f. krauJcA female curlew
क्रौञ्च m. krauJca osprey
क्रौञ्च m. krauJca kind of curlew
क्रौञ्च n. krauJca kind of poison
क्रौञ्च n. krauJca particular method of sitting
क्रोञ्चति verb kroJcati { kroJc } trumpet [as an elephant]
क्रौञ्चार्ण m. krauJcArNa kind of battle array
क्रौञ्चादन n. krauJcAdana another plant
क्रौञ्चादन n. krauJcAdana curlew's food
क्रौञ्चादन n. krauJcAdana fibres of the stalk of the lotus
क्रौञ्चादन n. krauJcAdana leaf-lobed Bengal taro plant [Typhonium trilobatum - Bot.]
क्रौञ्चादन n. krauJcAdana long pepper
क्रौञ्चादनी f. krauJcAdanI seed of a lotus
क्रौञ्चपदा f. krauJcapadA metre of 4 x 25 syllables
क्रौञ्चपक्ष adj. krauJcapakSa the flanks of which are similar to the wings of a curlew
क्रौञ्चदारण m. krauJcadAraNa kArttikeya
क्रौञ्चबन्धम् ind. krauJcabandham so as to make a knot called after the wings of a curlew
क्रोञ्चकुमारिका f. kroJcakumArikA kind of female demon
क्रौञ्चनिषदन n. krauJcaniSadana particular kind of being seated
क्रौञ्चाचलद्वेषिन् m. krauJcAcaladveSin enemy of the krauJca mountain
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