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कुटुम्ब m. n. kuTumba family
कुटुम्बक n. kuTumbaka family
कुटुम्ब m.n. kuTumba race
कुटुम्ब m.n. kuTumba relation
कुटुम्ब m.n. kuTumba name
कुटुम्ब m.n. kuTumba offspring
कुटुम्ब n. kuTumba house-keeping
कुटुम्ब n. kuTumba members of a household
कुटुम्ब n. kuTumba care of a family
कुटुम्ब n. kuTumba progeny
कुटुम्ब n. kuTumba household
कुटुम्बक n. kuTumbaka duties and cares of a householder
कुटुम्बक n. kuTumbaka household
कुटुम्बौकस् n. kuTumbaukas apartments appropriated to the accommodation of relations
कुटुम्बयति verb kuTumbayati { kuTumbaya } support a family
कुटुम्बभर m. kuTumbabhara household duties
कुटुम्बार्थम् ind. kuTumbArtham for the support or on account of a family
कुटुम्बकलह m. kuTumbakalaha domestic discord
कुटुम्बकलह n. kuTumbakalaha domestic dissension
कुटुम्बव्यापृत m. kuTumbavyApRta attentive father of a family
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