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कुमारी f. kumArI maiden
कुमारी f. kumArI girl
कुमारी adj. kumArI desirous of a daughter
कुमारी f. kumArI blue pea vine [Clitoria Ternatea - Bot.]
कुमारी f. kumArI central part of the universe
कुमारी f. kumArI any virgin up to the age of sixteen or before menstruation has commenced
कुमारी f. kumArI virgin
कुमारी f. kumArI jasmine [Jasminum sambac - Bot.]
कुमारी f. kumArI daughter
कुमारी f. kumArI plant commonly called bandhyAkarkoTakI
कुमारी f. kumArI girl from ten to twelve years old
कुमारि f. kumAri spinster
कुमारी f. kumArI young girl
कुमारी f. kumArI bird commonly called zyAmA
कुमारी f. kumArI great cardamoms
कुमारी f. kumArI Indian Aloe plant [Aloe vera - Bot.]
कुमारी f. kumArI blossom of the plants taruNI and modinI
कुमारी f. kumArI most southerly of the nine portions of the known continent or of jambUdvIpa
कुमारिन् adj. kumArin granting children
कुमारिन् adj. kumArin having children
कुमारिदा adj. kumAridA granting children [Ved.]
कुमारिक adj. kumArika furnished with or abounding in girls
कुमारिका f. kumArikA girl from ten to twelve years old
कुमारिका f. kumArikA insect
कुमारिका f. kumArikA double jasmine
कुमारिका f. kumArikA large cardamoms
कुमारिका f. kumArikA female servant
कुमारिका f. kumArikA virgin
कुमारिदारा f. kumAridArA being a wife while still a girl
कुमारीपाल m. kumArIpAla guardian of a virgin or bride
कुमारीपूजा f. kumArIpUjA worship of kumArI or durgA
कुमारीपुर n. kumArIpura part of the gynaeceum in which the girls are kept
कुमारीभाव m. kumArIbhAva maidenhood
कुमारीभाव m. kumArIbhAva virginity
कुमारीदाक्ष m. kumArIdAkSa dAkSas desirous of a girl
कुमारीपुत्र m. kumArIputra child of an unmarried woman
कुमारीपुत्रक adj. kumArIputraka from kumArIputra
कुमारीश्वशुर m. kumArIzvazura father-in-law of a maiden
कुमारीक्रीडनक n. kumArIkrIDanaka plaything for girls
कुमारीश्वशुरक adj. kumArIzvazuraka from zura
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