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कुम्भकार m. kumbhakAra potter
कुम्भक m. kumbhaka pot
कुम्भक m. kumbhaka prominence on the upper part of an elephant's forehead
कुम्भक m. kumbhaka base of a column
कुम्भक m. kumbhaka measure
कुम्भक m.n. kumbhaka stopping the breath by shutting the mouth and closing the nostrils with the fingers of the right hand
कुम्भकार m. kumbhakAra serpent
कुम्भकार m. kumbhakAra wild fowl
कुम्भकारी f. kumbhakArI red arsenic
कुम्भकारी f. kumbhakArI wife of a potter
कुम्भकारी f. kumbhakArI mineral substance used as an application to strengthen the eyes and beautify the eyelashes
कुम्भकर्ण m. kumbhakarNa pot-eared
कुम्भकामला f. kumbhakAmalA bilious affection
कुम्भकारक m. kumbhakAraka potter
कुम्भकारिका f. kumbhakArikA sort of lotion or wash for eyes
कुम्भकारिका f. kumbhakArikA wife of a potter
कुम्भकारिका f. kumbhakArikA woman of the potter caste
कुम्भकर्णवध m. kumbhakarNavadha slaughter of kumbhakarNa
कुम्भकारककुक्कुट m. kumbhakArakakukkuTa wild fowl
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