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कुपत adj. kupata excellent
कुपट m. kupaTa covered with a miserable garment
कुपट m.n. kupaTa miserable garment
कुपथ adj. kupatha walking in a wrong road
कुपथ m. kupatha sophistical method of arguing
कुपथ m. kupatha bad conduct
कुपथ m. kupatha bad road
कुपथ m. kupatha way of sophists
कुपथ m. kupatha evil way
कुपथ m. kupatha heterodox doctrine
कुपथग adj. kupathaga going in a wrong road
कुपथग adj. kupathaga wicked
कुपथचर adj. kupathacara wicked
कुपथचर adj. kupathacara going in a wrong road
कुपथगामिन् adj. kupathagAmin going in a wrong road
कुपथगामिन् adj. kupathagAmin wicked
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