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कुसुम्भ m. kusumbha outward affection
कुसुम्भ m. kusumbha safflower
कुषुम्भ m. kuSumbha venom-bag of an insect
कुसुम्भ m. kusumbha saffron
कुसुम्भ m. kusumbha water-pot of the student and saMnyAsin
कुसुम्भ n. kusumbha gold
कुसुम्बक m.n. kusumbaka kind of vegetable
कुषुम्भक m. kuSumbhaka venomous insect
कुसुम्भला f. kusumbhalA kind of turmeric
कुसुम्भवत् adj. kusumbhavat furnished with a water-pot
कुसुम्भराग adj. kusumbharAga outward
कुसुम्भराग adj. kusumbharAga resembling the colour of safflower
कुसुम्भराग m. kusumbharAga colour of safflower
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