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ललित adj. lalita elegant
ललितकला f. lalitakalA fine arts
ललित adj. lalita amorous
ललित adj. lalita desired
ललित adj. lalita soft
ललित adj. lalita voluptuous
ललित adj. lalita artless
लालित adj. lAlita fondled
ललित adj. lalita innocent
लालित adj. lAlita cherished
ललित adj. lalita lovely
ललित adj. lalita playing
ललित adj. lalita wished for
ललित adj. lalita sported
ललित adj. lalita fragile
लालित adj. lAlita coaxed
ललित adj. lalita charming
ललित adj. lalita quivering
लालित adj. lAlita indulged
ललित adj. lalita played
ललित adj. lalita wanton
ललित adj. lalita gentle
ललित adj. lalita tremulous
ललित adj. lalita pleasing
लालित adj. lAlita caressed
ललिता f. lalitA wanton woman
ललिता f. lalitA any woman
ललित m. lalita particular position of the hands in dancing
ललित m. lalita particular rAga
ललित m. lalita musk
ललित m. lalita particular mUrchanA
लालित n. lAlita joy
ललित n. lalita languid gestures in a woman
ललित n. lalita charm
लालित n. lAlita pleasure
लालित n. lAlita love
ललित n. lalita grace
ललित n. lalita sport
ललित n. lalita artlessness
ललित n. lalita dalliance
ललित n. lalita amorous pastime
ललित n. lalita kind of necklace
ललितम् indecl. lalitam wished for
ललितम् indecl. lalitam desired
लालितक m. lAlitaka favourite
लालितक m. lAlitaka pet
ललिताङ्गी f. lalitAGgI beautiful woman
ललितपद adj. lalitapada consisting of amorous or graceful words
ललितपद adj. lalitapada elegantly composed
ललितपद n. lalitapada kind of metre
ललितार्थ adj. lalitArtha having an amorous meaning
ललितताल m. lalitatAla particular time
ललितप्रिय m. lalitapriya kind of measure
ललिताव्रत n. lalitAvrata particular religious observance
ललितव्यूह m. lalitavyUha particular kind of samAdhi or meditation
ललितललित adj. lalitalalita excessively beautiful
ललितलोचन adj. lalitalocana beautiful-eyed
ललिताषष्ठी f. lalitASaSThI particular sixth day
ललितवनिता f. lalitavanitA lovely woman
ललिताभिनय m. lalitAbhinaya representation of love scenes
ललिताभिनय m. lalitAbhinaya erotic performance
ललितापञ्चमी f. lalitApaJcamI 5th day of the moon's increase in the month Azvina
ललितप्रहार m. lalitaprahAra soft or gentle blow
ललितं वल्गति verb 1 lalitaM valgati { valg } amble
ललितार्थबन्ध adj. lalitArthabandha composed in words of love or in words having an amorous meaning
ललिताषष्ठीव्रत n. lalitASaSThIvrata particular religious observance
ललितातृतीयाव्रत n. lalitAtRtIyAvrata particular religious ceremony
ललितपदबन्धन n. lalitapadabandhana metrical composition treating of love
ललितपदबन्धन n. lalitapadabandhana amorous composition in verse
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