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लीला f. lIlA grace
लीला f. lIlA play
लीला f. lIlA comeliness
लीला f. lIlA sport
लीला f. lIlA amusement
लीला f. lIlA charm
लीला f. lIlA pastime
लीलावत् adverb lIlAvat charming
लीलावत् adverb lIlAvat comely
लीलावत् adverb lIlAvat graceful
लीलारति f. lIlArati amusement
लीलाञ्जन n. lIlAJjana lead sulphide
लीला f. lIlA maiden's playful imitation of her lover
लीला f. lIlA disguise
लीला f. lIlA ease or facility in doing anything
लीला f. lIlA mere sport or play
लीला f. lIlA pretence
लीला f. lIlA elegance
लीला f. lIlA semblance
लीला f. lIlA beauty
लीला f. lIlA kind of metre
लीला f. lIlA mere appearance
लीला f. lIlA child's play
लीला f. lIlA loveliness
लीला f. lIlA sham
लीला f. lIlA diversion
लीलाङ्ग adj. lIlAGga having playful limbs
लीलावत् adj. lIlAvat flirtatious
लीलावत् adj. lIlAvat possessed of grace or beauty
लीलागार n. lIlAgAra place of amusement or sport
लीलागार n. lIlAgAra place of amusement
लीलागार n. lIlAgAra pleasure-house
लीलागार n. lIlAgAra pleasurehouse
लीलागार n. lIlAgAra place of sport
लीलागेह n. lIlAgeha place of amusement or sport
लीलागेह n. lIlAgeha pleasure-house
लीलागृह m. lIlAgRha pleasurehouse
लीलागृह m. lIlAgRha place of sport
लीलागृह m. lIlAgRha place of amusement
लीलागृह n. lIlAgRha place of amusement or sport
लीलागृह n. lIlAgRha pleasure-house
लीलाकर m. lIlAkara particular metre
लीलामय adj. lIlAmaya consisting of or relating to play or amusement
लीलारति f. lIlArati amusement with
लीलारति f. lIlArati sportive amusement
लीलाताल m. lIlAtAla kind of measure
लीलातनु f. lIlAtanu form assumed for mere sport or pleasure
लीलावापी f. lIlAvApI pleasure-tank or lake
लीलवती f. lIlavatI beautiful and charming woman
लीलावती f. lIlAvatI beautiful and charming woman
लीलावती f. lIlAvatI kind of metre
लीलायते verb lIlAyate { lIlAya } sport
लीलायते verb lIlAyate { lIlAya } dally
लीलायते verb lIlAyate { lIlAya } amuse one's self
लीलायते verb lIlAyate { lIlAya } play
लीलायति verb lIlAyati { lIlAya } amuse one's self
लीलायति verb denom. lIlAyati { lIlAya } play
लीलायति verb denom. lIlAyati { lIlAya } dally
लीलायति verb denom. lIlAyati { lIlAya } sport
लीलायति verb denom. lIlAyati { lIlAya } amuse o.self
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita resembling
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita sporting
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita representing
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita rejoicing
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita dallying
लीलायित adj. lIlAyita pretending to be
लीलायित n. lIlAyita exploit easily accomplished
लीलायित n. lIlAyita sport
लीलायित n. lIlAyita amusement
लीलाशुक m. lIlAzuka parrot kept for pleasure
लीलाशुक m. lIlAzuka pleasure-parrot
लीलाखेल adj. lIlAkhela moving or sporting playfully
लीलाखेल n. lIlAkhela kind of metre
लीलावज्र n. lIlAvajra implement or instrument shaped like a thunderbolt
लीलाचतुर adj. lIlAcatura sportively charming
लीलादग्ध adj. lIlAdagdha burnt or consumed without effort
लीलाकलह m. lIlAkalaha quarrel in play
लीलाकलह m. lIlAkalaha sham-fight
लीलाकलह m. lIlAkalaha dispute in play
लीलाकलह m. lIlAkalaha quarrel or dispute in play
लीलाकलह m. lIlAkalaha mock fight
लीलाकमल n. lIlAkamala woman's toy-lotus
लीलाकमल n. lIlAkamala lotus-flower held in the hands as a plaything
लीलानटन n. lIlAnaTana sham or pretended dance
लीलानटन n. lIlAnaTana sportive dance
लिलपिषति verb Desid. lilapiSati { lap } wish to talk
लीलासाध्य adj. lIlAsAdhya to be effected with ease
लिलषिषति verb Desid. lilaSiSati { laS } wish to approach
लीलावतार m. lIlAvatAra descent for his own amusement
लीलावेश्मन् n. lIlAvezman pleasure-house
लीलाभरण n. lIlAbharaNa ornament worn for mere pleasure
लिलज्जिषते verb Desid. lilajjiSate { lajj } wish to shame someone
लीलामन्दिर n. lIlAmandira pleasure-house
लीलामन्दिर n. lIlAmandira house of pleasure
लीलामनुष्य m. lIlAmanuSya sham man
लीलामनुष्य m. lIlAmanuSya one not really a man
लीलामात्रेण ind. lIlAmAtreNa in mere play
लीलामात्रेण ind. lIlAmAtreNa out of mere sport
लीलामात्रेण ind. lIlAmAtreNa without the least effort
लिलम्बिषते verb Desid. lilambiSate { lamb } be about to sink or decline
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