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लिन ppp. lina { lI } hidden
लिन ppp. lina { lI } concealed
लीनाति m. lInAti krypton [Chem]
लीनाति m. lInAti crypton [Chem.]
लीन adj. lIna hiding
लीन adj. lIna sticking
लीन adj. lIna clung or pressed closely together
लीन adj. lIna lurking
लीन adj. lIna absorbed in
लीन adj. lIna vanished
लीन adj. lIna lying or resting on
लीन adj. lIna attached or devoted to
लीन adj. lIna disappeared
लीन adj. lIna merged in
लीन adj. lIna dissolved
लीन adj. lIna staying in
लीन n. lIna disappearance
लीन n. lIna being dissolved or absorbed in
लीन n. lIna clinging to
लीनालि adj. lInAli embraced or clung to by bees
लीनालि adj. lInAli having bees adhering
लीनता f. lInatA complete retirement or seclusion
लीनता f. lInatA concealment in
लिनाति verb linAti obtain honor
लिनाति verb linAti humble
लिनाति verb linAti adhere
लिनाति verb linAti obtain
लीनत्व n. lInatva sticking or concealment in
लीनयति verb lInayati { lInaya } dissolve
लीनयति verb lInayati { lInaya } melt
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