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लाति verb 2 Par lAti { lA } take
लाति verb 2 Par lAti { lA } give
लाति verb 2 Par lAti { lA } receive
लत्त latta kick
लतायाम् पुष्पम् विकसति sent. latAyAm puSpam vikasati The flower blossoms on the creeper .
लट् laT present tense - action taking place at the present time, recently completed or in the immediate future; habitual or repeated action [gramm. - Sanskrit]
लाट adj. lATa relating to the lATas or belonging to lATa
लात adj. lAta taken
लात adj. lAta received
लाट adj. lATa old
लाट adj. lATa worn
लाट adj. lATa shabby
लात adj. lAta obtained
लाट adj. lATa childish
लता f. latA line
लता f. latA any creeping or winding plant or twining tendril
लता f. latA mAdhavI -creeper
लता f. latA Bermuda grass [Cynodon dactylon - Bot.]
लता f. latA slender woman
लता f. latA any woman
लता f. latA Hiptage shrub [Hiptage benghalensis - Bot.]
लता f. latA thong or lash of a whip
लता f. latA musk-creeper
लता f. latA Foxtail millet [Setaria italica - Bot.]
लता f. latA streak
लता f. latA creeper
लता f. latA whip
लता f. latA Balloon plant [Cardiospermum Halicacabum - Bot.]
लता f. latA string of pearls
लता f. latA sicklefruit fenugreek [Trigonella Corniculata - Bot.]
लता f. latA kind of metre
लट m. laTa one who speaks like a child or like a fool
लाट m. lATa king of the lATas
लट m. laTa thief
लाट m. lATa country of the lATas
लट m. laTa fault defect
लाट m.n. lATa idle or childish language
लाट m.n. lATa repetition of words in the same sense but in a different application
लाट m.n. lATa worn-out clothes
लाट m.n. lATa shabby ornaments
लाट n. lATa clothes
लाट n. lATa dress
लाटी f. lATI particular style of speech or composition
लाति f. lAti receiving
लाति f. lAti taking
लाति verb lAti { lA } undertake
लाति verb lAti { lA } begin
लाति verb lAti { lA } obtain
लट्ट m. laTTa bad man
लट्वा f. laTvA gambling
लट्वा f. laTvA kind of karaJja
लट्वा f. laTvA any fruit
लट्वा f. laTvA game
लट्वा f. laTvA curl on the forehead
लट्वा f. laTvA safflower
लट्वा f. laTvA kind of bird
लात्वा ind. lAtvA taking
लात्वा ind. lAtvA having taken
लट्व m. laTva particular caste
लट्व m. laTva big boiler
लट्व m. laTva particular rAga
लट्व m. laTva horse
लट्व m. laTva dancing boy
लटह adj. laTaha handsome
लटह adj. laTaha pretty
लाटक adj. lATaka customary among them
लातक m. lAtaka kind of globe amaranth
लटक m. laTaka bad man
लटक m. laTaka contemptible person
लटति verb laTati { laT } be a child or to cry
लटति verb laTati { laT } technical term for the terminations of the Present or for that tense itself
लतिका f. latikA small creeper
लतिका f. latikA delicate or slender creeper or small winding tendril
लतिका f. latikA string of pearls
लटभ adj. laTabha handsome
लटभ adj. laTabha lovely
लटभ adj. laTabha pretty
लटभा f. laTabhA beautiful woman
लटभा f. laTabhA handsome girl
लताङ्गी f. latAGgI kind of gall-nut
लतान्त n. latAnta end of a creeper
लतान्त n. latAnta flower
लतार्क m. latArka green onion
लत्तिका f. lattikA kind of lizard
लट्वाका f. laTvAkA kind of bird
लट्यति verb laTyati { laTya } speak foolishly
लाटदेश m. lATadeza country of the lATa
लतागृह n. latAgRha arbour of creeper
लतागृह n. latAgRha creeper-bower
लाटजन m. lATajana inhabitant of lATa or the people of lATa
लताकर m. latAkara particular position of the hands in dancing
लताकोलि f. latAkoli Jujube creeper
लतालक m. latAlaka elephant
लतालय m. latAlaya arbour of creeper
लतालय m. latAlaya creeper-abode
लतामणि m. latAmaNi coral
लतामणि m. latAmaNi creeper-jewel
लतामृग m. latAmRga ape
लतामृग m. latAmRga monkey
लतानन m. latAnana particular position of the hands in dancing
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