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लट्वा f. laTvA curl on the forehead
लट्वा f. laTvA safflower
लट्वा f. laTvA kind of bird
लट्वा f. laTvA gambling
लट्वा f. laTvA kind of karaJja
लट्वा f. laTvA any fruit
लट्वा f. laTvA game
लात्वा ind. lAtvA having taken
लात्वा ind. lAtvA taking
लट्व m. laTva particular rAga
लट्व m. laTva horse
लट्व m. laTva dancing boy
लट्व m. laTva particular caste
लट्व m. laTva big boiler
लट्वाका f. laTvAkA kind of bird
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