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ग्रह m. graha ladleful
द्विदेवत्य m. dvidevatya ladleful for 2 deities
वसाग्रह m. vasAgraha ladleful of melted fat
अग्रह adj. agraha where no ladleful is drawn
सावित्र m. sAvitra particular kind of ladleful
वाजपेयग्रह m. vAjapeyagraha ladleful taken at the vAjapeya
ग्रहत्व n. grahatva state of a ladleful or spoonful
स्थालीग्रह m. sthAlIgraha ladleful taken out of a cooking-vessel
ग्रहोक्थ n. grahoktha hymn sung while a ladleful is being taken up
अधाराग्रह m. adhArAgraha ladleful or cupful not drawn from flowing water