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लग्नक m. lagnaka bail [Law]
लग्न adj. lagna touching
लग्न adj. lagna one who has entered on a course of action
लग्न adj. lagna following closely
लग्न adj. lagna meeting
लग्न adj. lagna adhered
लग्न adj. lagna passed
लग्न adj. lagna furious through being in rut
लग्न adj. lagna adhering or clinging to
लग्न adj. lagna immediately ensuing
लग्न adj. lagna clasping
लग्न adj. lagna spent in on
लग्न adj. lagna ashamed
लग्न adj. lagna intent on
लग्न adj. lagna consumed by
लग्न adj. lagna sticking or remaining in
लग्न adj. lagna one who has begun to
लग्न adj. lagna fixed on
लग्न adj. lagna auspicious
लग्न adj. lagna intersecting
लग्न adj. lagna cutting
लग्न m. lagna auspicious moment or time fixed upon as lucky for beginning to perform anything
लग्न m. lagna rising of the sun or of the planets
लग्न m. lagna decisive measure
लग्न m. lagna whole of the first astrological house
लग्न m. lagna bard or minstrel
लग्न m. lagna scheme or figure of the 12 houses or zodiacal signs
लग्न m. lagna decisive moment or time for action
लग्न m. lagna point of the ecliptic which at a given time is upon the meridian or at the horizon
लग्न m. lagna moment of the sun's entrance into a zodiacal sign
लग्न m. lagna division of the equator which rises in succession with each sign in an oblique sphere
लग्न m. lagna point or arc of the equator which corresponds to a given point or arc of the ecliptic
लग्न m. lagna point where the horizon intersects the ecliptic or path of the planets
लग्न m.n. lagna the point of contact or intersection
लग्न ppp. lagna attached to
लग्न ppp. lagna stuck to
लग्न ppp. lagna adhered to
लग्नक m. lagnaka surety
लग्नक m. lagnaka bondsman
लग्नासु m. lagnAsu ascensional equivalents in respirations
लग्नकाल m. lagnakAla time or moment pointed out by astrologers as auspicious
लग्नमास m. lagnamAsa auspicious month
लग्नवेला f. lagnavelA conjuncture (lucky)
लग्नभुज m. lagnabhuja ascensional difference i.e. the difference between the time of rising of a heavenly body at laGkA and at any other place
लग्नचिन्ता f. lagnacintA thinking of the auspicious moment
लग्नग्रह adj. lagnagraha insisting firmly on anything
लग्नग्रह adj. lagnagraha obtrusive
लग्नग्रह adj. lagnagraha persistent
लग्नदिवस m. lagnadivasa auspicious day
लग्नशुद्धि f. lagnazuddhi auspiciousness of the signs for the commencement of any contemplated work
लग्नग्रहण n. lagnagrahaNa computation of the moment favourable for any undertaking
लग्नमण्डल n. lagnamaNDala circle of signs
लग्नमण्डल n. lagnamaNDala zodiac
लग्नमुहूर्त n. lagnamuhUrta auspicious moment for a marriage
लग्ननक्षत्र n. lagnanakSatra any auspicious constellation in the moon's path
लग्नपत्त्रिका f. lagnapattrikA paper on which the auspicious moment for a marriage is noted down
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