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लाला f. lAlA saliva
लालन n. lAlana coaxing
लालन n. lAlana indulging
लालन n. lAlana indulgence
लालन n. lAlana fondling
लालन n. lAlana caressing
ललाट m. n. lalATa forehead
ललति verb 1 lalati { lal } flirt
ललित adj. lalita elegant
लालित्य n. lAlitya grace
लालित्य n. lAlitya comeliness
लालित्य n. lAlitya charm
लालयति verb caus. lAlayati { lal } foster
लालयति verb caus. lAlayati { lal } fondle
ललितकला f. lalitakalA fine arts
उपलालयति verb caus. upalAlayati { upa- lal } caress
लल adj. lala sporting
लल adj. lala desirous
लल adj. lala wagging
लल adj. lala playful
लल adj. lala lolling
लल adj. lala wishing
लाला f. lAlA slobber
लाला f. lAlA species of myrobalan
लाला f. lAlA spittle
लल m. lala particular fragrant substance
लाल m. lAla son of a maitreya and a brAhmaNI
लल n. lala sprout
लाल n. lAla persuasion
लल n. lala garden
लाल n. lAla wife of another
लाल n. lAla secret matter
लल n. lala shoot
लाली f. lAlI being possessed by a demon
लालिन् adj. lAlin coaxing
लालिन् adj. lAlin fondling
लालिन् adj. lAlin caressing
लालिन् m. lAlin seducer
ललह adj. lalaha dallying
ललह adj. lalaha sportive
लालक adj. lAlaka infant's attempts at speaking
लालक adj. lAlaka caressing
लालक adj. lAlaka fondling
लालक m. lAlaka jesting or evasive reply
लालक m. lAlaka king's jester
लालक m. lAlaka equivoque
ललाम adj. lalAma having any mark or sign
ललाम adj. lalAma beautiful
ललाम adj. lalAma best of its kind
ललाम adj. lalAma eminent
ललाम adj. lalAma charming
ललाम adj. lalAma having a mark or spot on the forehead
ललाम adj. lalAma marked with paint
ललाम m. lalAma decoration
ललाम m. lalAma embellishment
ललाम m. lalAma kind of ornament for the ears
ललाम n. lalAma ornament
ललाम n. lalAma row
ललाम n. lalAma horse
ललाम n. lalAma sectarial mark
ललाम n. lalAma tail
ललाम n. lalAma flag
ललाम n. lalAma any mark or sign or token
ललाम n. lalAma line
ललाम n. lalAma coloured mark on the forehead of a horse or bull
ललाम n. lalAma banner
ललन adj. lalana sporting
ललन adj. lalana coruscating
ललन adj. lalana playing
ललना f. lalanA any woman
ललना f. lalanA woman
ललना f. lalanA tongue
ललना f. lalanA wanton woman
ललना f. lalanA wife
लालन m. lAlana particular venomous animal resembling a mouse
ललन m. lalana Chironji tree [Buchanania Latifolia - Bot.]
लालन m. lAlana resin
ललन n. lalana play
ललन n. lalana dalliance
ललन n. lalana lolling or moving the tongue to and fro
ललन n. lalana sport
लालन n. lAlana act of caressing
लालस adj. lAlasa devoted or totally given up to
लालस adj. lAlasa eagerly longing for
लालस adj. lAlasa ardently desirous of
लालस adj. lAlasa delighting or absorbed in
लालस f. lAlasa longing or ardent desire
लालसा f. lAlasA kind of metre
लालसा f. lAlasA desire
लालस m. lAlasa fond attachment or devotion to
लालस m. lAlasa attachment
लालाट adj. lAlATa relating to it
लालाट adj. lAlATa being in or on the forehead
ललाट n. lalATa brow
लालाटी f. lAlATI forehead
ललति verb lalati { lal } behave loosely or freely
ललति verb lalati { lal } play
ललति verb lalati { lal } loll or wag the tongue
ललति verb lalati { lal } sport
ललति verb lalati { lal } dally
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