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ललाम adj. lalAma charming
ललाम adj. lalAma having a mark or spot on the forehead
ललाम adj. lalAma marked with paint
ललाम adj. lalAma having any mark or sign
ललाम adj. lalAma beautiful
ललाम adj. lalAma best of its kind
ललाम adj. lalAma eminent
ललाम m. lalAma kind of ornament for the ears
ललाम m. lalAma decoration
ललाम m. lalAma embellishment
ललाम n. lalAma tail
ललाम n. lalAma flag
ललाम n. lalAma any mark or sign or token
ललाम n. lalAma line
ललाम n. lalAma coloured mark on the forehead of a horse or bull
ललाम n. lalAma banner
ललाम n. lalAma ornament
ललाम n. lalAma row
ललाम n. lalAma horse
ललाम n. lalAma sectarial mark
ललामन् n. lalAman banner
ललामन् n. lalAman horse
ललामन् n. lalAman chief or principal
ललामन् n. lalAman sectarial mark
ललामन् n. lalAman decoration
ललामन् n. lalAman species of stanza
ललामन् n. lalAman flag
ललामन् n. lalAman tail
ललामन् n. lalAman ornament
ललामन् n. lalAman any mark or sign
ललामन् n. lalAman horn
ललामगु m. lalAmagu facetious term for the penis
ललामक n. lalAmaka chaplet or wreath of flowers worn on the forehead
ललामवत् adj. lalAmavat having a mark or spot or ornament
ललामकरूपक n. lalAmakarUpaka flowery metaphor
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