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लम्बयति verb tr. c lambayati { lamb } hang up
अवलम्बते verb 1 avalambate { ava- lamb } depend upon
अवलम्बते verb 1 avalambate { ava- lamb } build on
लम्बरेख adj. lambarekha vertical
प्रतिलम्बयति verb tr. c pratilambayati { prati- lamb } hang up
लम्ब adj. lamba long
लम्ब adj. lamba hanging down
लम्ब adj. lamba dangling
लम्ब adj. lamba pendent
लम्ब adj. lamba spacious
लम्ब adj. lamba large
लम्ब adj. lamba hanging by or down to
लम्बा f. lambA bribe
लम्बा f. lambA name of lakSmI
लम्बा f. lambA kind of bitter gourd or cucumber
लम्बा f. lambA present
लम्ब m. lamba perpendicular entity [Geom.]
लम्ब m. lamba complement of latitude
लम्ब m. lamba present
लम्ब m. lamba arc between the pole of any place and the zenith
लम्ब m. lamba flowering branch
लम्ब m. lamba bribe
लम्ब m. lamba the arc between the pole of any place and the zenith [Astronomy]
लम्ब m. lamba co-latitude
लम्बी f. lambI kind of food prepared from grain
लम्भा f. lambhA sort of fence or enclosure
लम्भ m. lambha meeting with
लम्भ m. lambha bhaka
लम्भ m. lambha obtaining or attaining
लम्भ m. lambha see lambhana
लम्भ m. lambha capture
लम्भ m. lambha recovery
लम्भ m. lambha finding
लम्बिन् adj. lambin hanging by or down to
लम्बिन् adj. lambin hanging down
लम्बिन् adj. lambin pendent
लम्बक m. lambaka co-latitude
लम्बक m. lambaka complement of latitude
लम्बक m. lambaka particular implement or vessel
लम्बक m. lambaka perpendicular
लम्बन adj. lambana hanging down or causing to hang down
लम्बन m. lambana phlegmatic humour
लम्बन m. lambana soldier's boy
लम्बन m. lambana camp-follower
लम्बन m. lambana phlegm
लम्बन n. lambana interval of the lines between the earth's centre and surface
लम्बन n. lambana falling
लम्बन n. lambana long necklace
लम्बन n. lambana fringe
लम्बन n. lambana moon's parallax in longitude
लम्बन n. lambana hanging down
लम्बन n. lambana particular mode of fighting
लम्बन n. lambana depending
लम्बर m. lambara kind of drum
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } fall
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } fall or stay behind
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } hang from or on
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } tarry
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } set
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } be retarded
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } sink
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } sound
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } be fastened or attached to
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } hang down
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } tag
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } go down
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } cling to
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } depend
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } loiter
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } decline
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } hold or rest on
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } dangle
लम्बते verb lambate { lamb } delay
लम्बते verb 1 lambate { lamb } hang
लम्बिका f. lambikA uvula or soft palate
लम्बिक m. lambika Indian cuckoo
लम्बित adj. lambita supported or resting on
लम्बित adj. lambita clinging or adhering to
लम्बित adj. lambita hanging down
लम्बित adj. lambita fallen off
लम्बित adj. lambita pendent
लम्बित adj. lambita glided down
लम्बित adj. lambita slow
लम्बित adj. lambita gone down
लम्बित adj. lambita sunk
लम्बित adj. lambita hanging by
लम्बुषा f. lambuSA necklace of seven strings
लम्बज्या f. lambajyA sine of the co-latitude
लम्बाक्ष m. lambAkSa long-eyed
लम्भक adj. lambhaka finder
लम्भक adj. lambhaka one who finds
लम्भन n. lambhana procuring
लम्भन n. lambhana recovery
लम्भन n. lambhana act of obtaining or receiving
लम्भन n. lambhana attainment
लम्भन n. lambhana causing to get
लम्भते verb lambhate { lambh } sound
लम्भित adj. lambhita caused to obtain or receive
लम्भित adj. lambhita gained
लम्भित adj. lambhita given
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