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लम्बन adj. lambana hanging down or causing to hang down
लम्बन m. lambana camp-follower
लम्बन m. lambana phlegm
लम्बन m. lambana phlegmatic humour
लम्बन m. lambana soldier's boy
लम्बन n. lambana hanging down
लम्बन n. lambana particular mode of fighting
लम्बन n. lambana depending
लम्बन n. lambana interval of the lines between the earth's centre and surface
लम्बन n. lambana falling
लम्बन n. lambana long necklace
लम्बन n. lambana fringe
लम्बन n. lambana moon's parallax in longitude
लम्भन n. lambhana recovery
लम्भन n. lambhana act of obtaining or receiving
लम्भन n. lambhana attainment
लम्भन n. lambhana causing to get
लम्भन n. lambhana procuring
लम्बनविधि m. lambanavidhi rule for calculating the moon's parallax in longitude
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