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तदनन्तरम् indecl. tadanantaram later
तत् पश्चात् phrase tat pazcAt later
त्रिशृङ्ग- गुहा f. trizRGga- guhA lateral ventricle [three- horned ventricle]
इदानीं मास्तु, अनन्तरं आगच्छामि sent. idAnIM mAstu, anantaraM AgacchAmi Not now, I will come later.
भवती अनन्तरं उपविशतु sent. bhavatI anantaraM upavizatu You sit down a little later.
अस्मिन् विषये अनन्तरं वदामि sent. asmin viSaye anantaraM vadAmi I'll tell you about it later.
किञ्चिदनन्तरं आगच्छेत् sent. kiJcidanantaraM Agacchet He / It may come sometime later.
इदानीं मास्तु, अनन्तरं ददामि sent. idAnIM mAstu, anantaraM dadAmi Not now, I will give it to you later.
कुत्रापि स्थापयति, अनन्तरं मां पृच्छति sent. kutrApi sthApayati, anantaraM mAM pRcchati You put it somewhere and later you are asking me!
उत्पीठिकायाः उपरि स्थापयतु, पितामहः अनन्तरम् पास्यति sent. utpIThikAyAH upari sthApayatu, pitAmahaH anantaram pAsyati Keep it on top of the table, grandfather will drink it later
उत्तर adj. uttara later
अधिक adj. adhika later
अनुज adj. anuja later
पश्च adj. pazca later
अनुजात adj. anujAta later
पश्चिम adj. pazcima later
उपोत्तर adj. upottara later
पर adj. para later
अवर adj. avara later
उपर adj. upara later
अपर adj. apara later
परे adverb pare later
उपरिष्टात् ind. upariSTAt later
उत्तरत्र ind. uttaratra later
पश्चात् ind. pazcAt later
परम् ind. param later
पश्चा ind. pazcA later
परस्तात् ind. parastAt later
चरम m. carama later
पार्श्विक adj. pArzvika lateral
अनुपार्श्व adj. anupArzva lateral
पश्चाज adj. pazcAja born later
अपरज adj. aparaja born later
परेण ind. pareNa later than
प्रत्यवरकालम् ind. pratyavarakAlam later than
अपरकाल m. aparakAla later period
उपरिष्टात्काल m. upariSTAtkAla later period
कालावर adj. kAlAvara later in time
अथ कदाचित् adverb atha kadAcit sometime later
परकाल adj. parakAla mentioned later
अधरोत्तर adj. adharottara sooner and later
परावर adj. parAvara earlier and later
परापर adj. parApara earlier and later
कनिष्ठा f. kaniSThA one married later
स्म ind. sma and later to indeed
त्र्यरुण m. tryaruNa later on called trayyAr
परकाल adj. parakAla relating to a later time
कुबेर m. kubera kuvera in later Sanskrit
पश्चादोष m. pazcAdoSa later part of the evening
सरयू f. sarayU later name of the river sarayu
उत्तररामचरित n. uttararAmacarita further or later deeds of rAma
अपरदीक्षिन् adj. aparadIkSin undergoing the later consecration
अपकर्ष m. apakarSa anticipation of a word occurring later
परावर adj. parAvara handed down from earlier to later times
अग्निष्वात्त m. agniSvAtta in later texts name of a class of Manes
शुनःशेफ m. zunaHzepha later and less correct form of zunaH-zepa
ऋभु m. Rbhu in later mythology Rbhu is a son of brahman
आर्य m. Arya in later times name of the first three castes
उत्तरवादिन् m. uttaravAdin one whose claims are of later date than another's
निष्क m.n. niSka later a particular coin varying in value at different times
तराम् tarAm added in older language to adverbs and in later language to verbs to intensify their meaning [suffix - Gramm.]
तम adj. tama added (in older language) to adverbs and (in later language) to verbs , intensifying their meaning
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