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आपराह्णिक adj. AparAhNika belonging to the latter part of the day
उत्तर adj. uttara latter
अपर adj. apara latter
अपरान्त m. aparAnta latter end
पराधृ m. parAdhR latter part
उत्तरार्ध n. uttarArdha latter half
उत्तरज adj. uttaraja born in the latter
अपरहेमन्त m. aparahemanta latter part of winter
अपरार्ध m. aparArdha latter the second half
अपरवर्षा f. aparavarSA latter part of the rains
अपररात्र m. apararAtra latter half of the night
अपरपक्ष m. aparapakSa latter half of the month
पश्चिमार्ध n. pazcimArdha hind-part or latter half
परिणतशर्वद् f. pariNatazarvad latter part of the autumn
अपरशरद् f. aparazarad latter part of the autumn
अपरनिदाघ m. aparanidAgha latter part of the summer
उरुरात्रि f. ururAtri latter portion of the night
अपरान्तज्ञान n. aparAntajJAna prescience of one's latter end
उत्तरवयस n. uttaravayasa latter or declining years of life
पूर्वापररात्रि f. pUrvApararAtri former and latter half of the night
अपरपक्षीय adj. aparapakSIya belonging to the latter half of the month
अपरहैमन adj. aparahaimana belonging to the latter half of the winter season
अङ्गारकदिन m.n. aGgArakadina festival of Mars on the fourteenth of the latter half of caitra
अन्वष्टका f. anvaSTakA ninth day in the latter half of the three months following the full moon in AgrahAyaNa
अवलगित n. avalagita addition made in the prologue of a drama and not having any particular reference to the latter
तृतीयासमास m. tRtIyAsamAsa tatpuruSa compound the former member of which would stand in the instrumental case if separated from the latter
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