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विहसित adj. vihasita laughed
हसित ppp. hasita laughed
परिहसित adj. parihasita laughed at
स्फुटित adj. sphuTita laughed at
उपहसित adj. upahasita laughed at
ते अहसन् sent. te ahasan they laughed
हास्य adj. hAsya to be laughed at
अपहास्य adj. apahAsya to be laughed at
हसित adj. hasita one who has laughed
प्रहस्य ppp. prahasya having laughed aloud
हस्यते verb pass. hasyate { has } be laughed or smiled at
उपहास्य adj. upahAsya to be laughed at or derided
समवहास्य adj. samavahAsya to be laughed at or derided
हसनीय adj. hasanIya to be laughed at or derided by
उपहास्यता f. upahAsyatA state of being to be laughed at or derided
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