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लयन n. layana dissolution
लयति verb 9 Par layati { lI } be dissolved
लयति verb 9 Par layati { lI } melt
लय adj. laya making the mind inactive or indifferent
लय m. laya melting
लय m. laya pause
लय m. laya sport
लय m. laya death
लय m. laya time
लय m. laya house
लय m. laya dissolution
लय m. laya particular agricultural implement
लय m. laya diversion
लय m. laya rest
लय m. laya act of sticking or clinging to
लय m. laya kind of measure
लय m. laya dwelling
लय m. laya disappearance or absorption in
लय m. laya swoon
लाय m. lAya missile
लय m. laya merriness
लय m. laya repose
लय m. laya lying down
लय m. laya union of song
लय m. laya mental inactivity
लय m. laya extinction
लय m. laya quick movement of an arrow
लाय m. lAya weapon
लय m. laya delight in anything
लय m. laya place of rest
लय m. laya cowering
लय m. laya dance and instrumental music
लय m. laya rhythm
लय m. laya spiritual indifference
लय m. laya destruction
लय m. laya embrace
लय m. laya residence
लय n. laya root of vetiver grass [Andropogon Muricatum - Bot.]
लायक adj. lAyaka sticking
लायक adj. lAyaka adhering
लायक adj. lAyaka clinging
लयन n. layana rest
लयन n. layana house
लयन n. layana lying
लयन n. layana act of clinging
लयन n. layana place of rest
लयन n. layana adhering
लयन n. layana repose
लयन n. layana cell
लयते verb layate { lay } go
लयति verb layati liquefy
लयति verb layati dissolve
लयार्क m. layArka sun at the dissolution of the world
लयगत adj. layagata gone to dissolution
लयगत adj. layagata melted
लयगत adj. layagata dissolved
लयकाल m. layakAla time of dissolution or destruction
लयालय m. layAlaya destruction and non-destruction
लाययति verb caus. lAyayati { lI } cause to cling
लाययति verb caus. lAyayati make st. cling
लयालम्ब m. layAlamba actor
लयालम्ब m. layAlamba dancer
लयालम्ब m. layAlamba moving according to time
लयपुत्री f. layaputrI actress
लयपुत्री f. layaputrI daughter of time
लयपुत्री f. layaputrI female dancer
लयमध्य adj. layamadhya to be performed in mean or moderate time
लयनालिक m. layanAlika Buddhist or jaina temple
लयारम्भ m. layArambha actor
लयारम्भ m. layArambha dancer
लयारम्भ m. layArambha moving according to time
लयस्थान n. layasthAna place of dissolution
लयशुद्ध adj. layazuddha to be performed in clear or right time
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