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प्रसूति f. prasUti laying [eggs]
आक्षेप m. AkSepa laying
समाधान n. samAdhAna laying
चर्चन n. carcana laying on
प्रणिधान n. praNidhAna laying on
अभ्याधान n. abhyAdhAna laying on
पातन adj. pAtana laying low
समालम्बिन् adj. samAlambin laying hold
स्थिति f. sthiti laying down
संन्यासिन् adj. saMnyAsin laying aside
हानि f. hAni laying aside
संन्यास m. saMnyAsa laying aside
उत्सर्ग m. utsarga laying aside
उत्सर्ग m. utsarga laying aside
विमर्द m. vimarda laying waste
न्यास m. nyAsa laying aside
समुत्कर्ष m. samutkarSa laying aside
संनिधिकार m. saMnidhikAra laying aside
संन्यसन n. saMnyasana laying aside
निधान n. nidhAna laying aside
पाशिन् adj. pAzin laying snares
आलम्बिन् adj. Alambin laying hold of
प्रमृश adj. pramRza laying hold of
ग्राहिन् adj. grAhin laying hold of
ग्रह adj. graha laying hold of
संवर्गम् ind. saMvargam laying hold of
ग्राह m. grAha laying hold of
अभिमानिन् adj. abhimAnin laying claim to
नित्यव्यया f. nityavyayA ever laying out
कृतबाहु adj. kRtabAhu laying hands upon
विवरण adj. vivaraNa laying bare or open
शस्त्रन्यास m. zastranyAsa laying down of arms
अनुशासन n. anuzAsana laying down the law
क्षेप m. kSepa laying on besmearing
दण्डनिधान n. daNDanidhAna laying aside the rod
पीडन n. pIDana laying a country waste
निधान n. nidhAna putting or laying down
आसादन n. AsAdana putting or laying down
गुणतन्त्र adj. guNatantra laying stress on merits
परिधान n. paridhAna putting or laying round
विद्याभिमान m. vidyAbhimAna laying claim to learning
अवगृह्य adj. avagRhya laying hold with the feet
अङ्कुशिन् adj. aGkuzin laying hold of with a hook
परिग्रह m. parigraha laying hold of on all sides
चन्दनपात m. candanapAta laying on of sandal-unguent
संवर्गम् ind. saMvargam laying hold of or snatching up
श्मशानकरण n. zmazAnakaraNa laying out of a burning-ground
निधायमनसि indecl. nidhAyamanasi fixing or laying up in the mind
इष्टकान्यास m. iSTakAnyAsa laying the foundation of a house
सङ्ग्राह m. saGgrAha laying hold of. forcible seizure
पार्श्वसन्धान n. pArzvasandhAna laying together with their sides
स्थापन n. sthApana putting or placing or laying upon
अनुसङ्गृह्णाति verb anusaGgRhNAti { anusaMgrah } salute by laying hold of the feet
पादग्रहण n. pAdagrahaNa laying hold of or clasping the feet
हृदयश्रिष् adj. hRdayazriS clinging to or laying hold of the heart
व्यन्वारम्भण n. vyanvArambhaNa laying hold of or touching on both sides
अन्वाचय m. anvAcaya laying down a rule of secondary importance
बीजन्यास m. bIjanyAsa laying down or making known the germ of a plot
वै adverb vai generally placed after a word and laying stress on it
वास्तुशमन n. vAstuzamana purificatory ceremony performed on laying a foundation or on entering a new house
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