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वैध m. vaidha legal
विवाद m. vivAda legal dispute
निध्यनुकूलन-विदेयक n. nidhyanukUlana-videyaka bill of indemnity [legalize transactions]
शास्त्रीय adj. zAstrIya legal
धर्म्य adj. dharmya legal
व्यावहारिक adj. vyAvahArika legal
धर्मसंयुक्त adj. dharmasaMyukta legal
स्मार्त adj. smArta legal
स्मार्त n. smArta legal act
स्मृतिप्रबन्ध m. smRtiprabandha legal work
व्यवहार m. vyavahAra legal process
आह्वान n. AhvAna legal summons
धर्म्यविवाह m. dharmyavivAha legal marriage
वाक्य n. vAkya legal evidence [jur.]
वाक्य n. vAkya legal evidence
धर्मनाथ m. dharmanAtha legal protector
व्यवहार m. vyavahAra legal procedure
व्यवहारविधि m. vyavahAravidhi legal enactment
धर्मसमय m. dharmasamaya legal obligation
न्याय m. nyAya legal proceeding
पट्टोलिका f. paTTolikA written legal opinion
सधर्मिणी f. sadharmiNI legal or virtuous wife
सधर्मचारिणी f. sadharmacAriNI legal or virtuous wife
व्यवहारमातृका f. vyavahAramAtRkA legal process in general
व्यवहाराभिशस्त adj. vyavahArAbhizasta proceeded against legally
व्यवहार्य adj. vyavahArya liable to a legal process
व्यवस्था f. vyavasthA legal decision or opinion
धर्माहृत adj. dharmAhRta acquired in a legal manner
धर्मिष्ठ adj. dharmiSTha completely lawful or legal
उत्तरपाद m. uttarapAda division of legal practice
व्यवहरते verb vyavaharate { vyavahR } carry on legal proceedings
व्यवहरति verb vyavaharati { vyavahR } carry on legal proceedings
साक्षिताता f. sAkSitAtA office of any legal witness
अनुसार m. anusAra established legal authority
साक्षितात्व n. sAkSitAtva office of any legal witness
अक्षपटल n. akSapaTala depository of legal document
आसेध m. Asedha legal restraint of four kinds
व्यवहारायोग्य adj. vyavahArAyogya unfitted for legal proceedings
व्यवहारपाद m. vyavahArapAda fourth part of a legal process
सकारण adj. sakAraNa provided with a legal instrument
व्यवहारपद n. vyavahArapada title or head of legal procedure
व्यवहारमार्ग m. vyavahAramArga course or title of legal procedure
व्यवहारविषय m. vyavahAraviSaya subject or title of legal procedure
सम्यग्दण्डन n. samyagdaNDana act of punishing rightly or legally
व्यवहारिन् adj. vyavahArin relating to a legal process or action
व्यवहारांश m. vyavahArAMza any part or division of legal procedure
पूर्वपक्षपाद m. pUrvapakSapAda first step of a legal process or law-suit
धर्मविधि m. dharmavidhi course of law legal precept or injunction
व्यवहारज्ञ adj. vyavahArajJa acquainted with practice or legal procedure
सुखरात्रि f. sukharAtri night when a wife may be legally approached
सुखरात्रिका f. sukharAtrikA night when a wife may be legally approached
कारिता f. kAritA interest exceeding the legal rate of interest
सीमानिश्चय m. sImAnizcaya legal decision in regard to landmarks and boundaries
व्यवहारिन् adj. vyavahArin fit or competent for legal proceedings or for affairs
पांसुकूल n. pAMsukUla legal document not made out in any particular person's name
स्मृतिविरोध m. smRtivirodha disagreement between two or more codes of law or legal texts
व्यवहारप्राप्त m. vyavahAraprApta one who has attained a knowledge of business or legal procedure
व्यवहारविषय m. vyavahAraviSaya any act or matter which may become the subject of legal proceedings
व्यवहारमातृका f. vyavahAramAtRkA any act or subject relating to the formation of legal courts or the administration of justice
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