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लेख्य n. lekhya file
लेख्य n. lekhya document [computer]
लेख्यबन्ध m. lekhyabandha essay
लेख्य adj. lekhya to be scratched or scraped or scarified
लेख्य adj. lekhya to be written down or numbered among
लेख्य adj. lekhya to be written or transcribed
लेख्य adj. lekhya favourable to the gods
लेख्य adj. lekhya to be drawn or painted
लेख्य adj. lekhya to be portrayed
लेख्य adj. lekhya painted
लेख्य n. lekhya letter
लेख्य n. lekhya written paper
लेख्य n. lekhya list of
लेख्य n. lekhya delineation
लेख्य n. lekhya manuscript
लेख्य n. lekhya painted figure
लेख्य n. lekhya drawing
लेख्य n. lekhya any written document
लेख्य n. lekhya act or the art of writing
लेख्य n. lekhya painting
लेख्य n. lekhya inscription
लेख्य n. lekhya copying
लेख्य n. lekhya writing
लेख्य n. lekhya catalogue
लेख्य n. lekhya transcribing
लेख्यक adj. lekhyaka epistolary
लेख्यक adj. lekhyaka written
लेख्यगत adj. lekhyagata painted
लेख्यगत adj. lekhyagata represented in painting
लेख्यकृत adj. lekhyakRta done in writing
लेख्यकृत adj. lekhyakRta executed
लेख्यकृत adj. lekhyakRta signed
लेख्यमय adj. lekhyamaya delineated
लेख्यमय adj. lekhyamaya painted
लेख्यपद्म n. lekhyapadma painted lotus-flower
लेख्यारुढ adj. lekhyAruDha committed to writing
लेख्यारुढ adj. lekhyAruDha recorded
लेख्य-पत्र n. lekhya-patra document
लेख्यपत्त्र m. lekhyapattra palmyra or palm tree
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra scripture
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra writing
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra leaf or sheet of anything for writing
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra written document
लेख्यपत्त्र n. lekhyapattra letter
लेख्यस्थान n. lekhyasthAna office
लेख्यस्थान n. lekhyasthAna writing
लेख्यचूर्णिका f. lekhyacUrNikA paint-brush
लेख्यचूर्णिका f. lekhyacUrNikA pencil for writing or drawing
लेख्यप्रसङ्ग m. lekhyaprasaGga document
लेख्यप्रसङ्ग m. lekhyaprasaGga written contract record
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